MIX, SHAPE, BOIL, & BAKE! I've been bagel-ing it up for close to 6 years now and I'm not stopping anytime soon! I've made bagels with all kinds of flours, but I'm most proud of these. Using 100% cold-stone milled 75 Bread flour from Carolina Ground, I developed this recipe with Western North Carolina in mind. Locally milled flour, hand mixed and shaped dough, wood-fired at Hominy Farm...does it get any better?! My bagels are always boiled before firing so you know they're legit! Bagels come in plain, sesame, or za'atar.

$2/bagel, $10/6, $18/dozen

Vegan Chocolate Cake

The best chocolate cake you've ever tasted! And it's 100% vegan! This is your quintessential birthday cake: Chocolate on chocolate with sprinkles galore! Available by special order only I will decorate a cake personalized however you wish.

price upon request

Vegan Sourdough Freezer Waffles

Vegan Freezer Waffles!? YUP! These freezer waffles are made with 100% cold-stone milled flour and buckwheat from Carolina Ground. The 50/50 split of buckwheat flour and 85AP give my waffles flavor like you've never experienced in a store-bought freezer waffle. Using vegan substitutes like oat milk, Earthbalance, and flax seed eggs, you can stuff your face and feel good about it too! The sourdough tang and exceedingly crispy crumb will keep you wanting more. My waffles will make you "Leggo your Eggo"!

$4/2pack, $10/6pack, $18/dozen

Sourdough Pan Loaf

Good ol' fashion sourdough sandwich loaf. Made with King Arthur All Purpose Flour and Carolina Ground Whole Wheat Bread Flour. This loaf is the perfect blank slate for any snack, sure to be your favorite go-to for toast or a deli sandwich. Butter it and enjoy!


Vegan Pumpkin Bread

My pumpkin loaf recipe is one my mom and I baked together when I was a kid. Passed down to us from family friends, the love in this recipe really shines through. Perfect for any gathering this sweet bread is more versatile than expected. Perfect for breakfast. Perfect for dessert. Its good anytime of day! Cut a few slices and let them dry out to be used for the most delicious french toast ever! Comes as plain, or baked with chocolate chips, fresh cranberries, or toasted walnuts.

$8/plain, $9/inclusion